minstrel: Sheet Music Software

Fred Ross fred at horace.ls.net
Tue Nov 7 07:22:17 PST 2000

To toss in my two cents worth...

If you run unix and want a free program, have a look at GNU LilyPond.
It's not terribly easy to use, but quite powerful - especially if you know
Scheme and don't mind wandering around sourcecode.

My modern compositions are odd enough where LilyPond no longer served my
purpose (time is not something I have much of), and I broke down and
bought a copy of Finale 2001.

Try NoteWorthy, Mozart, and the like.  If they serve your purposes, great.
If you need something stronger, go to Finale or Sibelius.  Quasi-working
demos of both are available from www.codamusic.com (makers of Finale) and

To the gentle trying to compile a songbook, I recommend going to either
Finale or LilyPond.  Finale supports the kind of cut, paste, and export
you're looking for.  My little essay on Modulation at 
has musical examples done in Finale.  LilyPond lets you do something
similar, but using the range of unix tools to manipulate the data (and
you'd probably have to write your songbook in LaTeX).

While I don't remember LilyPond's website off the top of my head there's a
link to it on the Music section of my homepage (http://www.ls.net/~fred/).

I hope this proves useful in some way.

Fred Ross
s.k.a. Philippe de Minerve
a.k.a. Sgath

On Mon, 6 Nov 2000, Myra Hope Bobbitt wrote:

> Greetings, all.
> Does anyone know of a software program for creating printable musical 
> notation?  I don't need it to print from tape, convert from MIDI, or even 
> play back:  just turn my illegible scrawl into sheet music.
> Thanks,
> Regards,
> ~Leucum

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