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I can highly recommend mozart (www.mozart.co.uk ) for an easy to use piece 
of software, version 5 playes the notes back as you type them in on the 
normal PC keyboard, allows you to add and remove parts, transpose anything 
from a bar to a whole score and many other things. Its very powerful but 
user-friendly too, and has allowed me to create some wonderful stuff for 
multiple parts with harmony, at a time when i am still very much a novice 
at writing my own songs.

You can get a trial version at the site above - i tried noteworthy and 
several others but this is the one that suited me best. The speed with 
which you can get your ideas and scores into the program and becoming 
printed music is astounding.

(a lurker)

>Greetings, all.
>Does anyone know of a software program for creating printable musical 
>notation?  I don't need it to print from tape, convert from MIDI, or even 
>play back:  just turn my illegible scrawl into sheet music.

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