minstrel: cantigas: midi to paper

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Mon Oct 30 12:16:35 PST 2000

> Master Gregory, I'd be willing to print them out for you, though I suspect 
> your scanning equipment is better than mine if you're planning on posting 
> them as gifs.  Are they posted to a website?

I've gotten a ton of offers, but Dana Hawkes got to the finish line
first. Looks like he (?) is able to fairly quickly import the midis
into "Personal Composer" and clean the result up. I'll be making gifs
directly from the pdfs.

The webpage where the midis come from, by the way, is:


But, other volunteers, don't despair! It would be Really Cool (tm) if
people would transcribe the melodies (tenor lines) from the Ravenscoft
Psalter, since most of them seem to be "traditional" ballad
tunes. I'll email everyone who volunteered and see if they're
interested; we'll pair you up and chop up the tunes and go from there.

-- Gregory Blount

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