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Tue Oct 24 11:20:59 PDT 2000

Well, technically rather Austrian. My Austrian CDs just arrived;-) Both
"Minnesänger in Österreich" and "Sinnliches Mittelalter" by the group
Dulamans Vröudenton have nicely informative booklets with info that could
be used for A&S documentation. The lyrics are given in Middle High German
with parallel modern German "translations".
	And one of the songs is the one that actually started me digging
into real 13th century performance practice, with a very different
interpretation than I've been trying, which I like better, AND two more
verses. Wheee!

Really nice music;-) I DO like this group! You won't find their CDs at B&N,
though. You can order them from
	Günter Menschik <music at domino.co.at>
as I did if you're interested.

Mary Loomer Oliver
medieval enthusiast, philologist, former German and English teacher,
practitioner of hobbies too numerous to enumerate fully,
some musical(currently harp), assorted crafts, radio amateur K9TUD,
prolific writer of e-mail, inveterate reader,
and proud possession of a young Minischnauz named Gretl

Erilar's Cave Annex: http://www.win.bright.net/~erilarlo
 also includes an account of my 1999 medieval February in Germany
	and a 3-generation 1997 trip(also to Germany, naturally)

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