minstrel: Re: minstrel-digest V1 #967

Corey Cole corey at sierratel.com
Thu Oct 12 14:24:33 PDT 2000

I just bought a videotape on eBay.  It's an instructional guitar video
taught by John Renbourn on Medieval and Renaissance music.  He also has one
on traditional Celtic music.  I don't have the details or publishing info on
these yet, but thought I'd mention them in case other guitarists here are

For anyone unfamiliar with John Renbourn's work, I highly recommend picking
up one of his CD's.  He has also published sheet music for his arrangements
of some period pieces through Kicking Mule Records.  John was one of the two
guitarists (along with Bert Jansch) in the British pop-folk group
"Pentangle" and went on to both a solo career and to do research in early
(guitar, lute, etc.) music.

Speaking of Pentangle, there's a very nice 2-CD set of their work now
available (probably about 2/3 traditional, 1/3 original at a guess without
counting songs).  It's called "Light Flight" and is on Recall, a Snapper
Music label, but I don't have the publisher's address.  You should be able
to find it on any good music CD site on the Web.  I recommend it.

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