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Mislav also asked this question on rec.music.early, a Usenet
newsgroup, and got this good reply. An additional link I would
recommend is:


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Subject: Re: Need info: troubadours/jongleurs music, instruments, CDs
Date: 9 Oct 2000 12:37:03 -0700
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In article <20001009183941.18709.qmail at www0h.netaddress.usa.net>,
mislav skracic <mskracic at usa.net> wrote:
>I am writing about occitan troubadours

A good reference for you is this CD:


See the citation information after the contents listing, which
gives the ISBN for the Le Vot / Switten book giving troubadour
songs and discussion (with which the CD is also included).  This
is a text you should read; perhaps you can get it through your
library.  See also the CD link on "Le Vot" which is a classic
performance, not to be missed if you intend to do much listening
to CDs.

For some suggested recent CD performances, please see the FAQ's
"medieval beginner's list" at:


Scroll down to the troubadour section.  We have comprehensive
information on (nearly) all recordings if you follow the links,
but it is not immediately obvious, since it has not been completely
organized yet.

Todd McComb
mccomb at medieval.org

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