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Greetings from Thorgrim of Birka--

Corrie Bergeron suggested:
>A very good two-CD set is "Trouveres - Courtly Love Songs from 
>France" by the Sequentia Ensemble for Medieval Music, published by
>Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, #77155-2-R

The problem with this CD (and I agree that it's a good CD) is that it
doesn't address the problem -- The Trouveres are NOT the same thing as the
Troubadours:  in fact, the musical and social traditions of Occitania (the
Troubadours), and of northern France (the Trouveres) are very different,
even if there was some cross-pollination.  The Trouveres (and specifically
this CD) cover a slightly later period than the heyday of the Troubadours.
This particular CD covers 1175-1300.  The Troubadours, on the other hand,
are at their best from about 1075-1200, and largely disintegrate as an
independent, Occitan based movement after the Albigensian Crusade (which
decimated their homeland and brought Occitania into the French sphere of
influence.  (Interestingly enough, Occitan remained as the courtly
"artistic" language of choice for music and poetry for a considerable length
of time after this in Northern Italian courts.  Among other things, it had a
tremendous influence on Dante Alighieri (of Divine Comedy fame), and he
(justifiably) credits them with using vernacular music to overcome the
limitations of Latin. (This is from De Vulgari Eloquentia -- Of Eloquence in
the Vernacular, which was a treatise he wrote to promote the use of Italian
rather than Latin).)

For late troubadour music, Sequentia has another CD out:
"Dante and the Troubadours" by the Sequentia Ensemble for Medieval Music,
also published by Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, #.5472-77227-2

I've got several more at home I'll try to post -- this is the only one I've
got at work with me at the moment.

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