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Corrie Bergeron corrie at itasca.net
Tue Oct 10 08:36:22 PDT 2000


A very good two-CD set is "Trouveres - Courtly Love Songs from Northern
France" by the Sequentia Ensemble for Medieval Music, published by
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, #77155-2-R

> From: mislav skracic <mskracic at usa.net>
> Date: 9 Oct 00 12:32:28 MDT
> Subject: minstrel: Troubadours/jongleurs music, instruments, CDs
> Mislav Skracic
> Ulica Slobode 36
> 21000 Split, CROATIA
> Hello,
> I am a post-graduate student of literature at the Zagreb
> University, Croatia.  I am writing about occitan troubadours
> and the way their poetry was affected by their interaction
> with jongleurs and audiance, i. e. by the fact that the text
> was meant for public performance and oral transmission.
> I would appreciate very much if you could find time to answer
> any of the following questions:
>                                                                   =
> a)     Which instruments were the troubadours/ jongleurs using? I =
> can find too little about this in the available bibliography
> (Bec, Jeanroy, Nelli, Zumthor).
> b)    Which CDs with troubadour music would you recommend,
> as I intend to attach some discograph references to the
> thesis... where, how, and at what price can I get them?
> c)    As my funds are limited, can you please refer me to
> on-line articles on trubadour music and other material that
> might be helpful.
> I speak Englih and French.
> Thank you for your time and answers,
> Regards,
> Mislav Skracic

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