minstrel: Troubadours/jongleurs music, instruments, CDs

mislav skracic mskracic at usa.net
Mon Oct 9 11:32:28 PDT 2000

Mislav Skracic
Ulica Slobode 36
21000 Split, CROATIA


I am a post-graduate student of literature at the Zagreb
University, Croatia.  I am writing about occitan troubadours
and the way their poetry was affected by their interaction
with jongleurs and audiance, i. e. by the fact that the text
was meant for public performance and oral transmission.

I would appreciate very much if you could find time to answer
any of the following questions:
a)     Which instruments were the troubadours/ jongleurs using? I 
can find too little about this in the available bibliography
(Bec, Jeanroy, Nelli, Zumthor).

b)    Which CDs with troubadour music would you recommend,
as I intend to attach some discograph references to the
thesis... where, how, and at what price can I get them?

c)    As my funds are limited, can you please refer me to
on-line articles on trubadour music and other material that
might be helpful.

I speak Englih and French.
Thank you for your time and answers,

Mislav Skracic

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