minstrel: Gyldenholt Bardic Update

Rhael Anedd rhaelanedd at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 1 20:03:38 PDT 2000

Greetings good gentles,

The Gyldenholt Bardic Circle shall be held on October 13, 7:30 PM, at the 
home of our noble members Lord Shan D'er, and Lady Morffedd.  They will send 
a follow-up mail with directions and specifice for the gather.  My thanks in 
advance for opening your (new) home.

War is upon us, Great Western War, that is. We invite all bards and 
musicians who want to fill the afternoon hours with music, merryment, and 
conversation to join us, and make some music for the fair populace.  We will 
launch the "Minstrels in the Marketplace", on Thursday (maybe Friday) and 
Saturday afternoon, beginning around 1:00ish, for several hours.  If you are 
interested in joining us, stop by House Sterling around 12:30 PM and 
progress up with Roddie the Piper, or meet us there and join us in song, or 
perform a short set of your own.

Remember, the idea is to lend a musical atmosphere in a casual way.  
Mistress Finella has formal performances on-going on the stage, so we will 
mingle well away from them so as not to interfear.  It is my hope that we 
may all get to know one another and build this into an ongoing occurrence. 
Don't be shy, we love new people!

Until then, drive safely, and I look forward to seeing old freinds and 
meeting new ones.

Yours in service to the Muse and the Dream,

Lady Rhael Anedd
Lady of the Great House Sterling
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