minstrel: lullabyes

Patricia Yarrow yarrowp at mscd.edu
Fri Sep 29 07:16:56 PDT 2000

I double checked, and "Song of the Nuns of Chester" is indeed a lullabye, and 
a very sweet one at that.  It has none of the negative imagery mentioned 

In a quick spin through _The New Oxford Book of Carols,_ I also noted "Sweet 
Was the Song the Virgin Sung," "This Endris Night," and "Joseph Lieber, 
Joseph Mein" as good possibilities.

I also recalled a madrigal, "Rest Sweet Nymphs," which is a lullabye.  A song 
modeled on a lullabye, but clearly not suitable for singing to children, is 
"O Death, Rock Me Asleep," attributed to Anne Boleyn.

There does seem to be an instrumental lullabye genre, as exemplified by the 
Lute Book Lullaby I mentioned earlier.   Holborne wrote a "Lullaby" and a 
"Galliard Lullabie."   William Byrd had a "Lullaby," "Lulla, Lullaby" and a 
"Lullaby my sweet little baby"; the last is a song.   Francis Pilkington 
wrote a "Lullaby."  

I hope this helps.


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