minstrel: Lullabyes

Patricia Yarrow yarrowp at mscd.edu
Thu Sep 28 08:12:25 PDT 2000

Anna MacKenzie wrote:
<<Traditional and folk song sources are just fine too, as I tend to collect 
post-period songs, as well as SCA-specific/written pieces.>>

In that case, may I very highly recommend the works of Mairi nighean Alisdair 
Ruadh, who *may* have been born in 1576?  She was a nurse to the MacLeods and 
composed many lullabyes for them until she was banished for singing the 
children's praises too lavishly.  (There was a belief that the fairies would 
steal away a child who was too perfect.)  There are also many traditional 
Scottish lullabyes such as the Seaforth Lullabye (Theid mi dhachaigh Chro 
Chin-Tsaile) that would be appropriate.

I'd suggest some recordings:

                     The World Sings Goodnight  and 
                     The World Sings Goodnight 2 

                     Lullaby: A Collection 

Til Their Eyes Shine - The Lullaby Album 

Celtic Lullaby 

Celtic Twilight 3: Lullabies 

These are all compilations by various artists.  You can find further details 
at Amazon if you don't find them in the World Music section of your local 
record store.


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