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Patricia Yarrow yarrowp at mscd.edu
Thu Sep 28 07:40:14 PDT 2000

 I might suggest looking at collections of carols.  Many of them, such as the 
Coventry Carol have a lullay chorus.

The Early Music FAQ has some potential recordings to investigate.  The music 
for many of them is in the _New Oxford Book of Carols_:

The Service of Venus and Mars 
     Music for the Knights of the Garter, 1340-1440
     Gothic Voices - Christopher Page
     Hyperion 66238 
5.Anon: Lullay, lullay 

On Yoolis Night - Medieval carols & motets 
     Anonymous 4
     Harmonia mundi HMU 40 7099 [Cassette]
     Harmonia mundi HMU 90 7099 [CD] 
9.Carol: Lullay: I saw a swete semly syght
15.Carol: Lullay, lullay: Als I lay on Yoolis night (Anon., England, 14th c.)
  (Which also appears on Music of The Age of Chivalry 
     Mary Remnant, Petronella Dittmer, Mathew Hart Dyke
     Soundalive Music SAMMT/CD 101  and The best of Millenium of Music 
     Alleluia This Sweete Songe
     Various artists from Harmonia mundi
     Valley Entertainment VLEC 15 024 )

Mediæval Carols 
     The Mystery of Christmas Night - Words and Music from the Middle Ages
     Opus Anglicanum
     Herald HAVPCD 212 

  15.Lullay, lullow
Anon., 15th c., Second Shepherds' Play
(which also appears on Christmas Carols & Hymns of the XVth Century - 
Weihnachtsgesänge des XV. Jahrunderts 
     Pro Cantione Antiqua - Bruno Turner, dir.
     Harmonia mundi (BASF) EA 22 487-2 [LP]
     Deutsche Harmonia mundi (EMI) 1C 065-99 808 [CD]
     Deutsche Harmonia mundi (BMG) "Editio Classica" GD 77 228 [CD]
     Deutsche Harmonia mundi (BMG) "Editio Classica" 05472 77 466 2 [CD] 
and English medieval Christmas carols 
     Primavera Singers of the New York Pro Musica Antiqua - Noah Greenberg, 
     Esoteric ES-521 [LP]
     Esoteric ESS-1 [Tape, 7,5 in/sec]
     Counterpoint / Esoteric CPT 521 [LP, mono]
     Counterpoint / Esoteric CPTS 5521 [LP, electr. stereo]
     Rykodisc "Tradition" TCD 1056 [CD] )

A Celebration of Christmas - Carols through the Ages 
     Deller Consort - Alfred Deller, dir. & Musica Antiqua, Vienna - René 
Clemencic, dir.
     Omega Vanguard Classics OVC 8050 / 53 [4 CDs] 
Anon., medieval / Gustav Holst (arr.):
  17.Lullay My Liking
Anon. William Ballet's Lute Book:
28. Lute-book Lullaby
The Holly and the Ivy 
     Deller Consort
     Vanguard (Omega) Classics OVC 8023 [CD, NA]
     Vanguard (Arcade) Classics 08 8023 71 [CD, Europe]
     Vanguard Classics WMD152 802 [CD, France] Vanguard Classics (Arcade) 08 
5065 71
     [CD, Europe] 
Anon., medieval, Chester Ms (ca 1425):
  23.Processional song: Song of the Nuns of Chester
(I'm just going on memory here that this is a lullabye.)

Now Make We Merthe 
     The Purcell Consort of Voices - Grayston Burgess, dir.
     Frank Harrison, Eric Dobson, Don Smithers, David Munrow
     Boston Sykline BSD 121 
Anon., 14th c.
  18.Lullay, lullow: I saw a sweete (Stephen Borton & Paul Copcutt, trebles)

Noëls des Temps anciens - Christmas from the Early Ages 
     Josée Novembre & Ensemble Claude-Gervaise - Gilles Plante, dir.
     Oratorio ORCD 4102 

Anon., Tessin
   4.Dormi, dormi o bel bambin
   8.Entre le boeuf et l'âne gris
Anon., 16th c.
(This is probably the Coventry Carol, which has numerous other entries.)

Now, this is just what turned up on a search on "lullay"  in the Early Music 
I'm sure this is just scratching the surface.


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