minstrel: Lullabyes

Rowena Johansen ladyphnx at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 27 22:41:58 PDT 2000

--- Jennifer Doherty <bardofbh at hotmail.com> wrote:
> My lord and I recently found out that we are
> expecting are first child, 

Congratulations!  :)

> about which we are VERY excited.  In preparation, I
> would like to start 
> collecting some lullabyes.  As I have interest in
> traditional and period 
> music I'd like to find some from the Middle Ages &
> Renaissance.  
Can I say "me too!" without being frowned upon?  :)

> If anyone out there has any ideas on where to start
> looking or knows of some 
> good references I would appreciate any help you
> could give me.

I don't have any information on lullabyes, but I am
also very interested in what others may know.  If any
one DOES have any information, I humbly request that
you CC: it to the list if you decide to reply to this
gentle directly.  I would greatly appreciate it!

Cordially yours,
Shire of Castlemere
Kingdom of Trimaris

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