minstrel: Music for Shakespeare 12th night

Monica Hultin hultin at pangea.ca
Wed Sep 20 20:41:04 PDT 2000


If anyone can help Misstress Aidan, you can reply to her email below.

We have already located "Farewell, Dear Heart" as Robert Jones.

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>From: "Donna C. Conrad" <dconrad at STCLOUDSTATE.EDU>
>Subject: MIDLAUREL: Need some assistance from musicians
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>We are working on a production of "12th Night" and I am looking for some
>assistance in locating some of the songs in the script.  I can identify most
>of them, but am having trouble with two.  
>In Act II, Scene iii, Sir Toby and the Clown have a dialogue exchange that
>is an exchange of lines from a song.  It starts "Farewell dear heart, since
>I must needs be gone" and ends "Shall I bid him go and spare not. O, no, no,
>no, no, you dare not!"
>The next one is at the end of Act IV, scene iii.  It begins, "I am gone,
>sir; and anon, sir," and ends "Adieu, goodman Devil."
>I assume that once I know the titles, I will be able to find either music or
>recordings to which the actors can listen.
>Donna C. Conrad
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>Department of Theatre, Film Studies and Dance
>St Cloud State University
>St Cloud, MN 56301
>dconrad at stcloudstate.edu
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