minstrel: Re: double flutes

Christina van Tets cjvt at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 18 14:58:52 PDT 2000

Hello the List!

Oh dear.  I assumed that the message I just received about double flutes was 
also going to be on this digest, and so deleted it.  Now I am caught out!  
My lord, I'm sorry not to have remembered your name.

Anyway, the gentle who wrote to me suggested that the double flute I 
described which is used by the Bedouin around here might be more like a 
clarinet and the slashed part of the mouthpiece more like a reed than a 
flute with a fipple.  I imagine you could explain it any way you like, as 
long as you understand what you mean, but I had always understood that a 
reed contained the airflow and if you remove the reed you don't damage the 
instrument, whereas with a fipple the air cuts across it (which is why a 
quena - a relative of which I have also found in Vanuatu, BTW - has a 
fipple) and does not contain the whole current of air.  If it were a reed, 
maybe I should be controlling it with my mouth, which seems a ticklish 
operation in more ways than one.  I'm not very experienced with playing it;  
controlling it as though it were a reed is a possibility I haven't explored.

Thanks for the thoughts on the instrument.


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