minstrel: Greek or Phrygian Aulos

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Mon Sep 11 08:32:37 PDT 2000

At 10:00 11/09/00 -0400, Fred Ross <fred at horace.ls.net> wrote:

>Athena made double pipe so she could play two melodies at once.  Delighted
>with her creation, she hurried off to show it to the other gods.  To her
>horror they all broke into laughter as she played.... Pan discovered them 
>where they
>fell, and was equally delighted with the ability to play two melodies at
>once.  His music was beautiful, and he was so proud of it as to contest
>Apollo for his position as the god of music.

thats fascinating thank you, i knew Pan was associated with the instrument 
from statues and carvings, but the athena stuff is new to me :)

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