minstrel: Drinking Songs for Women

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Mon Sep 11 08:21:31 PDT 2000


A few weeks ago a call went out for period drinking songs that might be sung 
by women.  I've written one, to the tune of "The Jolly Broome Man", which 
went over quite well at last weekend's Harper's Retreat.  It is not 
appropriate for young viewers.


The Jolly Handmaid
by Leucum of Carolingia
-mka Myra Hope Bobbitt

(to the tune of "The Jolly Broome Man")

I'm a maid of the finest sort
_Hey, jolly handmaid
But I'm not above a bit of sport
_Therefore take my hand, maid
While lords and lads are hunting grouse
_Hey, jolly handmaid
I serve the ladies of the house
_And therefore take my hand, maid

The weaver said my hands were deft
I served her in the warp and weft
The seamstress caught us in the loom
And cried aloud, "make room, make room!"

One night I swept the banquet hall
Where a serving girl delivered all
Among the plates and knives and gourds
That night our service shook the boards

To the cook I once was brought
But there the service proved too hot
And when the horses' sup was over
I rolled the groomsman's wife in clover

When the house was all in prayer
My Lady called me down from there
The priests may scold us, all the same
She prayed the louder as she came

So all you Dukes and sons of Earls
Will never win my Lady's pearls
Though treasures at her feet are laid
You'll not lay her while I'm her maid!


With apologies,

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