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Thought this might me of interest to people,  I deleted some of the cooking
info and unfortunately some the contact info was garbled but you all have
the email address.


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>Please forgive this plug but read it just the same please:
>Please pass this on to anyone who may be interested:
>In case you haven't heard yet, Ealdormere is hosting the Knowne World
>Congress and Cooks Collegium on the Oct 6-9/2000 long weekend
>(thanksgiving in Canada) . It's going to
>be a great event, and we have indications of some of the greatest Brads
>Cooks from all over arriving for it:)
>The webspace for the Bardic/Cooks event is located at
>and contains all the relevant details
>There are lots of classes going on!
>We hope to have an update on the website soon, but were waiting to
>confirm a
>few more teachers... in any case, the Bardic classes include (but are
>limited to)
>Bardic without a book - improving your way to greatness -Justinian
>Various vocal classes by Marion of Heatherdale, Myself,
>Poetics classes by Mistress Dorigen (Eastrealm)
>SCA History and its influence on the arts - master Hector of the Black
>Spoken Word/Storytelling workshops - Mistress Morgana bro Morganwyg
>Various instrument classes - Kestra, Martin of Manx, etc
>Middle eastern Storytelling - Fion McRory
>...cooking info...
>The event plan is thus:
>Fri- arrive, settle, Tavern Sing/Ceilidh and Kitchen party to warm up
>get to know each other. Announcement of new works bardic challenge
>topic tba)(for Sun)
>Sat - Cooks classes and workshops + 2 tracks of bardic classes and
>(9-6 with lunch break)
>    - Sat night dinner. Bardic Circle - Best bits - show off your best
>stuff!!!! Sing til we drop
>    - Pick up fighting, fencing and archery during the day
>Sun - More cooks classes and 2 tracks Bardic (9-6 again).
>    - more pick up etc
>    - Recipe and song/story trading circle. Dinner
>    - Sun night - New works circle with general merrymaking after:)(to
>weeeeeee hours)
>Mon Breakfast, relax, go home
>Contacts are:
          leslie.watson at sympatico.ca

> thank you

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