minstrel: September Crown in An Tir

Craig Mills cmills at hurricane.net
Tue Aug 29 17:46:41 PDT 2000

Hello minstrel mailing list,
Long have I lurked, following the debates and questions and information
that has flowed through this list.  I sure appreciate the resource that
is this mailing list, I am very curious about medieval music and I
appreciate knowing that everyone is so willing to share their expertise.

This weekend, in Kitsap County Washington, at the Fairgrounds in
Bremerton, is An Tir's September Crown.  I live here in the area, and
have been taking fiddle lessons for the last five months or so.  I am
very interested in knowing how many other minstrels will be in the area
for this event.  I don't know a lot about what is planned, but I have
heard that they will have a Bards Master Tourney at some point.  There
is an open stage in a nice woodsy grove for bardic performances all
weekend, as well.

At any rate, it should be a lot of fun.  I would love to hear from
anyone who is planning to be here!

Thank you for your bandwidth,
Vilfred Josefsen
Chronicler, Dragon's Laire

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