minstrel: Greetings and Huw

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Fri Aug 25 09:30:21 PDT 2000


Apologies for being so late in getting back to this message.

Leucum wrote:

<<Thank you for welcoming me to your list.  My name is Leucum merch Ouein, and 
I live in the East Kingdom Barony of Carolingia.  I'm a poet learning to 
play the harp, and I can sing.  I've been to four events, the first of which 
was Harpers' Retreat last year; I and my 29-string will faithfully attend 
the next one.  Will anyone else in listshot be attending?>>

Could you provide more information on this event, please?

<<The CD I mentioned is titled, "TWO WORLDS OF THE WELSH HARP" with back-cover 
explanation, "From the Robert ap Huw Manuscript (1613) and the volumes of 
Edward Jones's /Musical and Poetical Relicks of the Welsh Bards/ (1784-1825) 
played on historical harps by William Taylor". >>

Bill Taylor is *the* leading expert on the ap Huw material.  Thank you so 
much for letting us know about this recording!

<< My harp teacher tells me that the interesting 'tuptuptup' sound 
and the buzzing twang indicate horsehair and wire strings in use...>>

Yes.  Mr. Taylor uses nail techniques similar to those for wirestrung harp in 
his interpretation of the ap Huw material.  He believes that these techniques 
are specifically indicated by certain of the symbols in the manuscript.

Thank you again for an interesting post.

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