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Mon Aug 21 10:16:28 PDT 2000

I have heard a song, on an album called Summer Solstice, called
Three Drunken Maidens, although it's not really about anyone's


There were three drunken maidens came from the Isle of White,
They drank from Monday morning right through to Saturday night,
When Saturday night came round my boys, they would not then go
These three drunken maidens they pushed the jug about. 
2. Then up comes bouncing Sally her cheeks as red as a bloom,
Move up my jolly sisters and give young Sally some room,
For I'll be your equal before that you go out,
These four drunken maidens they pushed the jug about. 

3. There's partridge and pheasant, there's woodcock and hare,
There's all kinds of dainties no scarcity was there,
There's forty quarts of ale my boys and still they wouldn't go
These four drunken maidens they pushed the jug about. 

4. Then up comes the landlord he's asking for his pay,
It's a forty pound bill my boys these girls have got to pay,
That's ten pounds apiece my boys yet still they wouldn't go out,
These four drunken maidens they pushed the jug about

5. Now where are your feathered caps your mantles rich and fine,
They've all been a-swallowed up in tankards of good wine,
And where are your maidenheads you maidens rich and gay,
We left them in the alehouse we drank them clean away. 
Sorry, I have no historical reference for this song.


From: Juliana <jtadie at gonzaga.edu>
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 12:02:05 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: minstrel: women's drinking song?

	Greetings, all!  I've been a lurker on this list for a while,
now I have a question for the list.  
	Several friends and I were talking the other day about drinking
songs.  So many are from a guy's perspective about being rowdy
and getting
drunk with the guys or about some "fair lass".  Are there any
songs from a woman's perspective?  Preferably to a tune I might
so that I could sing it later...

Many thanks,


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