minstrel: women's drinking song?

Teleri Barod sca_bard at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 21 09:20:26 PDT 2000

An honest-to-goodness women's drinking song:
"Advice to the Ladies (Drink to the Men)" by Morgan
Wolfsinger.  Available on her "Songs that Should Not
Be" collection. (Book and/or tape available).  
(Standard disclaimer: I don't know her, I get no
kickbacks for mentioning it, but I own it and I like

There are a few non-gendered drinking songs out there
as well.  All of these will be post-period, some more
egregiously so than others...

Charlie Mopps (the man who invented beer) - sung by
the Chieftans and others

Monty Python's Drunken Philosopher's Song

<Name?> - there's a song which is nothing more than a
list of drinking vessel sizes which increases with
each verse: pint, half-a-pint, nipperkin,
half-a-nipperkin, etc.  I've heard it at Renn Faires.

<cringe> The Homer Simpson Drinking Song (Dough, I use
to buy the beer, Ray, the guy who sells me beer...) 
(please no flames, please no flames...)

Good Companions - I know the jist of this one; it's a
'count to ten' song, something along the lines of
"You'll have one if I have one, (verse part rhyming
with 'one'), you'll be a good companion.  Companion,
companion, you'll be a good companion."  

Lots of other 'count to ten' songs, while not about
drinking, make fine drinking songs.  Even if they do
get rather annoying sometimes.  Along the same lines,
'infinite verse' songs (like "Real Old Time Religion")
can get passed around the bar, with everyone taking a
verse, because *everyone* knows at least one verse.

Side note: I've seen many a song "feminized" with
"lassies" becoming "laddies," "bosom" to "brawny
chest," etc.

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