minstrel: women's drinking song?

Solomon Matisoff SolomonM at asta-engineering.com
Mon Aug 21 08:11:52 PDT 2000

Greetings Juliana,

I'm not certain if these are tunes you would have heard; they are
popular at the Ren Fairs (Watch all others on the list shudder)  I can't
put dates on them, but I've often heard the ladies singing the songs
"Bonny Young Smith" and "Maids when you're young (Never wed an old man)"
which are a bit on the baudy side, although if you watch your audience
they work beautifully.  There are also a lot of woman's verses to "Roll
Your Leg Over," which I was trading with some ladies in the armed
forces.  These may be familiar to you already, but if you find any local
ren-fair or ask around you will find 'em.

For more period sources you could look at Thomas Ravenscroft's books,
which are available online at http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/ravenscroft/.
These three period sources have a bunch of great songs, while mostly
from a man's perspective, also have songs such as "Yonder Comes A
(Courteous Knight)" - a woman singing that he should have taken her
while he could.  She got your horse.  Nyahhh.  I also recall "I lay with
an old man."  The music is there for you, although in old notation.
Many are also available under "Modern Notation" as midi files to listen

There are other sources too.  Keep your eyes open!

	Solomon Gerdawr

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