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Mon Aug 21 09:27:43 PDT 2000

Hello the List!

Vivien wrote:

>Ap Huw is really the definitive collection.  I would strongly suggest
>visiting Master Gregory's scan of the facsimile, posted to
>(as always, a thousand thanks to Master Gregory!).  There is bibliographic
>material and some commentary to be found as well as the facsimile of the

Wow!  I had no idea that there were people out there _interested_ in this.  
I did find a facsimile version on the web a while back, put out by some 
Welsh academics who had held a 3-day symposium on the MS, which apparently 
started with a performance of the work;  the topics they discussed looked 
like a lot of fun.

Actually I performed the Caniad San Silin a couple of years ago for an A&S 
competition, having converted it to flute techniques that were as close as I 
could get to period (Der Fluyten Lusthof, early 17th C IIRC; I'd need to 
find it and check the date).  Thinking of which, if anyone knows of any 
other early woodwind treatises, please please please let me know.

Basically I used tonguing from Baroque-and-earlier, where you can use 
different consonants as your starting point to get different effects because 
a wooden flute is more responsive (tho' I used a wooden fife because flutes 
are d@#%ed expensive beasts).  Going from the Crossley-Holland 
transcription, I used N-N-N to denote music from the upper stave, a good 
hard D for the lower stave (which I used only when the upper stave had 
rests) and a R-R-R (not flutter tonguing, but close - more like the modern 
French tonguing where the tongue cuts through the air stream but doesn't 
touch the alveolar ridge at all) for the plaiting of the bee or whatever it 
was called.

Given that this OOP Dutch (Flemish??) manual was all I had to go by, I think 
it was a reasonable job (and I can explain it away in my persona), but I 
would much prefer to use something geographically and temporally closer to 
the actual piece, and have not put this one away as a closed book yet.

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