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Sun Aug 20 11:03:01 PDT 2000

On Sun, 20 Aug 2000, Greg Lindahl wrote:

> > I was just at the Mills Music Lib in Madison WI last night, and saw a
> > facsimile copy of the manuscript!
> And it's on the web, too.
> http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/ap_huw/
> Facsimile, bibliography, and a short introduction.

I'm rather amused to own a microfilm copy of the manuscript -- mind you, I
don't own a microfilm reader, so it's kind of pointless!  (A friend was
travelling to Britain and asked what I wanted her to bring me -- as a joke
I said "period Welsh harp music", and the rest is ....)

> > I can barely recall the brief introduction, but they would only certify
> > the music in the document to about 1610?, but feel it must be older.
> Right. It has some "modern" pieces, and a supposed copy of an earlier
> manuscript. The guy who owned the manuscript in the 18th century added
> some b.s. about how "ancient" the music is, but you can ignore that...

My rule of thumb is that any time the word "ancient" appears in a
description of music, the probability that the contents are actually of
any significant antiquity goes down. :)


Heather Rose Jones         hrjones at socrates.berkeley.edu

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