minstrel: women's drinking song?

mtd deckerm at ix.netcom.com
Sat Aug 19 19:56:00 PDT 2000

Well, its not period, and its not exactly a drinking song... but here's
one I wrote a few years ago for singing at a pg rated feast-- its as
bawdy as I can get on my own... but can be quite entertaining.

7 days on the road... 

(Intro- this is the song of a peddler woman's journey to market-- its a
three day trek, one day to get there, one day to sell and one day to
return, hence the title of the song- Seven days on the road)

Seven days on the road me boys,
seven days on the road you see, 
when I am sober it takes me three,
so its seven days on the road for me...

I made my fortune selling wool,
I've lost it all now playing the fool,
I've wasted time a'laying in bed--
wishing someone would give me.... bread.

I spied a shepherd down by the brook,
he was asleep so I took a look.
There he was with muscles like rock,
all day long I'm watching his... flock.

I traveled on until it was dark,
I didn't care, it was a lark.
Down at the Tavern I had a few,
I was just looking for someone to ... glue.

I got so drunk there I couldn't stand,
That's when someone lent me a hand,
I braced myself up against the wall, 
he was looking for someone to ... call.

Traveling on down the road, 
a kind young lady lead me to her abode,
I should have known by the close she wore,
that sweet young thing was really a... bore.

I ran away as fast as I could,
I didn't stop till I reached the wood,
where I met a man as sweet as a dove,
all day long we're making... a glove.

I finally made it to the market square,
selling my goods in the fresh morning air.
A man there claimed to be looking for mums,
spent much of his time just fondling my....plums.

The rest of the day, it went rather well,
I stayed out till the evening bell.
when I met a man who dressed with such class,
I should have known he just wanted my... glass.

On the way home I happened to see,
A troubadour who was singing with glee.
He told me a tale so tough and so gritty,
he just wanted to feel my ... pity.

Traveling on down the road,
a kind young gent offered to lightened my load,
he wandered over, I went astray,
Fortune was mine a such a good... day!

We traveled on till I could go no more,
So we found an inn with a open door.
I went upstairs, he followed the maid,
He was just hoping he would get...paid.

When I got home my husband to see,
I knew how things were going to be...
But when I saw him boy was he vexed,
Telling me that I'm over... due.

The funny thing is-- I can never remember the lyrics when performing--
unless people are plying me with mead or wine... funny that.

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