minstrel: ap Huw translations

Solomon Matisoff SolomonM at asta-engineering.com
Wed Aug 16 06:57:29 PDT 2000

I was looking at the website (A quick doff o' the hat to Master Gregory)
and would love to attempt some of these pieces but I don't know how to
read the old style of music writing.  (I must admit that I skimmed
through the pages; I don't have the world's fastest connection.  Were
there pieces that I missed in modern notation?)

Does anyone know of a direct translation of the notation into modern
"dots?"  I'd love to work on some earlier pieces.  As the harp was more
or less a curiosity instrument outside of modern Great Britain, I've not
found much music for harp directly, and I keep getting suprised by more
period sources.  (Of course there is a lot of lute music that has been
interpreted, but that isn't the same thing.)


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