minstrel: ap Huw

Tammy tammyt at chorus.net
Wed Aug 16 04:01:38 PDT 2000

I responded privately, but wanted this to go to the list, as I am
looking for more info, so here' the cut and paste!

Alissende writes:

This is so cool!!!

I was just at the Mills Music Lib in Madison WI last night, and saw a
facsimile copy of the manuscript!  Tell me about the recording, I'd love
to hear the interpretation.  I only got to look at it for about 15min,
as they were closing.  Want to go back again :)  

I can barely recall the brief introduction, but they would only certify
the music in the document to about 1610?, but feel it must be older.  It
would definitely be more period than Carolan, and "every" harper is
"expected" to know an obligatory Carolan or two.

I would like to hear/learn more period music specifically for the harp
as well.  I play a lot of period stuff, french, english, etc.  Anyone
know of any work from Breton/Brittany?


MH Bobbitt wrote:
> I've recently come across a recording of Robert ap Huw for the harp.

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