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Paul Deane pdeane at jps.net
Sat Aug 12 07:58:24 PDT 2000

This item looks like it may be of major interest to everyone on Minstrel.

Probably will get it myself - the sample sound files on the web site mentioned
are really good.

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>Dear List members:
>I am de-lurking to shamelessly plug my new book _The Chaucer Songbook_.  It
>is now available from the music publishers, Mel Bay, and consists of a
>collecton of music, a scholarly text (long for Mel Bay), and a CD of the
>music.  The pieces are arranged for harp and voice, though the recording
>also includes recorder, percussion, and other instruments.  They include all
>the surviving music mentioned in Chaucer's works, songs relating to his
>works in interesting ways ("Glenkindie" and "The Marriage of Sir Gawain,"
>for example), and some songs which combine surviving lyrics paired with
>melodies from the period (like "My Lief Is Faren in a Londe").
>The text reviews the way the harp appears in the works of Chaucer and other
>writers of the period and covers what is known about the harpers of the 14th
>century, based primarily on the royal household account books. It also
>includes extensive notes on the songs.
>For sound samples you can visit my website <www.Carol.WoodPage.com>.  (The
>CD is also available separately, under the same title, at Amazon or directly
>from Eroica Classical Recordings.)
>The book can be ordered now from Mel Bay <melbay.com> and should soon be
>available in some music stores and bookstores.
>Carol Wood
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