minstrel: The origin of the Cantigas / Lamento di Tristano and La Rotta

Przemys³aw Pi³aciñski dodiabla at draconia.it.pl
Wed Jul 26 13:57:59 PDT 2000

While listening to a midi of the Cantiga 1 I finally found out why it
sounded familiar to me. On one of my Corvus Corax CD's I have a rondeau,
which is described as arabic. So I wonder: did el Sablio write all the
music, or did he adapt it from various sources?

Now, with Lamento... I'm quite confused.

I have a recording of "Lamento di Tristano" as a slow piece, I'll call
this music just "Lamento", then, on the same cassette I have "La Rotta"
as a fast piece. Il call it just Rotta. Then on another recording the
piece, I described as Rotta is named "Lamento di Tristano", and on
another midi "Lamento di Tristano" is a combination of Lamento and
Rotta. Does anybody know what really is "Lamento di Tristano" and "La
Rotta"? And why are these names exchanged (maby the same author?)

Przemek Pi³aciñski

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