minstrel: poetry

Clare Marie Louise Naggar cmn03 at uow.edu.au
Mon Jul 24 19:02:39 PDT 2000

Thanks for the info, I had some ideas, and just needed to know I was  
on the right track!                                                   
> the sonnet's roots have been traced to the court of Fredrich II(13th
> century--MY emperor) and one of its forms is NAMED Petrarchan. the  
> main one is Shakespearean. Lots of Elizabethans wrote them.         
Love + Huggles,                                                       
Laigen ingenDiarmiut.                                                 
"What more are we but to make sport for our neighbours                
 and laugh at them in our turn?"                                      
		- Mr Bennet, Jane Austens 'Pride and Prejudice'                     

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