minstrel: poetry

Clare Marie Louise Naggar cmn03 at uow.edu.au
Mon Jul 24 06:41:33 PDT 2000

Dear All,                                                             
I have in front of me a list of A&S competitions for the land of      
Lochac for the coming year. The one that catches my interest is that  
of "Writing: A western European poem, song, or play in a documentable 
style (non-performance)"...so I was wondering, is the form of a sonnet
valid for this time period?                                           
I am only new to the Society and would gladly welcome any input.      
Laigen ingen Diarmuit.                                                
College of St. Malachy.                                               
"What more are we but to make sport for our neighbours                
 and laugh at them in our turn?"                                      
		- Mr Bennet, Jane Austens 'Pride and Prejudice'                     

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