minstrel: Looking for a song.

Eric Phillips altinos at worldshare.net
Sat Jul 15 18:46:00 PDT 2000

I am in search of a song that I had recorded at a filk convention some years
back, don't know the name of the song, the singer, or the author. :)  I can
only provide a few lyrics:

Mine is the road, love, and yours is the trees,
And we are not free to do as we please...


She asked me if I'd like company for the 'eve,
She's healthy and beautiful, that can't be denied,
But she's not the one for whom I have cried,
So dance, laugh, be merry and gay,
And you'll never hear these things that I say,
You dream your dreams, and I'll do my part,
And you'll never see the tears in my heart

Sorry, that's all I remember.  Can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance,

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