minstrel: Calling all Bards

Lady Simone lady_simone at code-works.com
Fri Jul 14 14:04:30 PDT 2000

Greetings I am Lady Simone Maurian Ui'Dunlainghe Coordinator for the Kingdom
of Ansteorra's College of Bards. We are Currently rewriteing the College
website. The BardicFire. This Site is a Resorce site for Bards. The Current
site at http://bardicfire.u4l.com  has  become an interkingdom resorce over
the last two years of it's existance.  We have taken this under
consideration as we are  creating the new site that should publish in

Included in the New Site will be:

1. An Gallery of Bards for each Kingdom, were there Bards May showcase thier
works. (Space and Bandwith on the server is NOT a problem) The Gallery Is a
los a place were Kindoms, thier Colleges, and Local groups can list Past and
current title Bards along with information about the Bardic History of thier
Kingdom.  We Would Like to include a Bardic Roll for each kingdom. as soon A
Bards from your kingdom subit information or a request to be listed on the
rolls the Ansteorra College of Bards will post  the Roll Call List Bi
monthly in an attempt to Keep it current.

Format for Bards that wish to be included in the Roll Call is listed bellow:
an example of what the Roll Call  would look like can be found by viewing
the Ansteorra Bardic Roll Call at http://www.code-works.com/bards/

Name and Location
OP LIsting
Bardic Accolades

the information we are looking for from Bards wanting to be showcased in the
Gallery So that Webpages May be created on the site are listed bellow: if
you want to see an example of what an individual gallery Page  would Look
like  you can view the current pages for Robert Fitzmorgan, or Viscount
Galen of Bristol in the Poetry section of the Current bardicfire Site

A.  Kingdom Group the Bard is from

B. Persona Biography and accolades in the Performing and Bardic Arts and OP

C. Pic of Self in garb and device if one is registered so their is a face to
go with a name

D. A body of original works to be displayed to showcase your talent
(Note:Storage space is NOT repeat NOT Limited)

E. permision to  post nad a decision if the works are to posted only for
display or to be included in a Knowne world Bardic Book or Both

F. Contact information id you want to Provide it or we can add a guest book
or a free e-mail to your individual page.

2. A section on  Kingdom  and Group Histories

3. area for educational papers on the performing arts.

4. An area for Documentain resorces and Papers

5.  An area to Post College Guild and Local Bardic Meetings in the Known

6 a place for Links to site of intrest to the Bardic Community.

Thank you for your  time to look at  this project. I look forward to hearing
from all you bards soon.

Lady Simone Maruain Ui'Dunlainghe

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