minstrel: Something light & virtual

Paul Deane pdeane at jps.net
Mon Jul 3 23:18:26 PDT 2000

This is a touch off-topic, but I think lots of folks here
might get a kick out of it. Now, if there were only an
appropriate filk for it ....


Welcome to our website.
We are your friends.
			( assembled to serve
			  your every sensed need.)

Fill out our forms,
and get freebies galore
			( Our plan is just perfect
			  for point-and-click greed.)

but your name and number
are never revealed
			( except for investors
			  with a valid claim.)

You are the universe,
our users are legion
			( we count all your clicks,
                          and call them by name.)

Our banners are waving,
just watch us succeed
			( without all your eyeballs
			  our IPO ends.)

Welcome to our website.
We are your friends.

(copyright 2000, Paul Deane,
 editor of Forgotten Ground Regained,

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