minstrel: re: maintaining a bardic circle over a move

Gerald L. Norris Jr. jerryn at houston.rr.com
Thu Jun 29 22:48:13 PDT 2000

My Lords and Ladies,

Please excuse the intrusion, but after reading all the wonderful words
concerning bardic circles, their holding, their running, etc., I thought I
would chip in my two pence worth.

I am Gerald of Leesville, a bard of Stargate in Ansteorra (Houston, TX).  We
have the good fortune of having a good number of talented bards in the area
that play well together and encourage each other.  We also encourage those
among the populace who would like to explore the bardic arts.  We do this in
singing after feast at events as well as bardic circles held at troll on
Friday nights (a practice started in large part by HL Ihon Vincent

The Friday night Troll Bardic Circle works well for a number of reasons, but
most of all it's a place everyone will hit at least once during the event
and usually when they're coming in.  After they've set up camp, if they have
any energy, they know of at least one place where people are getting
together.  It gives those at Troll entertainment during the duller moments.
It gives the bards a place to be that's not in the way.  What bliss!

We at Stargate have also taken to having a monthly bardic workshop at our
weekly fighter practice.  The purpose of the workshop is to give bards and
those who want to be bards a chance to work on performing a piece in a
public arena while keeping the feeling informal.   It can also be used to
hone a piece before performing for competition.

We have the advantage of having a large populace to draw from, so that
having the bardic workshops at fighter practice isn't difficult.   Places a
little more spread out might have to go a few more measures, or make up a
bi-monthly schedule.  I would think having the bardic circles/workshops at
regular fighter practices would help to encourage those who would like to
learn the bardic arts.

Enough of my ramblings, but if you're ever in Stargate (Houston) on the
second Tuesday of a month and want to come over and sing a song, tell a
story, or try a poem out, please feel welcome.  If you're ever interested in
getting directions, e-mail me at jerryn at houston.rr.com and I'll be more than
happy to supply directions to getting there from whereever you're at.

In service to The Dream, with a song in my heart, I am
Gerald L. Norris Jr. -- Houston, Tx.
Gerald of Leesville, a bard of Stargate -- Kingdom  :  Ansteorra
Husband, father, lover, singer, writer

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