minstrel: re: maintaining a bardic circle over a move

Jennifer Friedman jfriedmn at pressenter.com
Tue Jun 27 13:35:38 PDT 2000

How could I forget:

>Also, some groups will hold one or two bardic circles as part of their
>meeting activities during the year.  When I lived in Eoforwic, (Toronto),
>we held one every end of October.  We would garb up.  Our meeting site was a
>mansion on campus and we could use the fireplace. 

Every February, Northshield holds Bardic Madness, a full day of...well,
bardic madness.  There are classes, challenges of all kinds, and no judging
or competitions.  Instrumental, choral, and vocal music, storytelling,
scribal activities, jokes, and word games, plus feasting and general fun,
fill a very full day.  The event rotates around the Principality.  Very
well worth going to.

>While in Jaravellir, (Madison, Wisconsin) we held a few circles throughout
>the year.

And they still do, just not regularly (I missed one there May 1, because it
was  my first day at my new job three hours away).  Unless you count the
Jaravellir Choral Guild, I guess, but that's not so much bardic as choral.

I guess I would agree with the previous poster that you can see what's of
interest, and then just kind of do it at an already existing meeting or
event, even if it doesn't become a regular thing (but it might).  I know in
my last Shire (Falcon's Keep, central WI), one willing bard was enough to
make everyone gather around and start singing, even at the end of a long
day, after a relatively boring business meeting, or whenever.  Just bring
out your Bardic Book and share it with someone; after looking at a few
things the person is likely to ask you to sing something to see if they
know it, and voila, you're singing.  Just remember to look delighted when
people join in, not offended because they are stealing the spotlight.  That
encourages people.

Good luck!

Lady Eliane Halevy, mka Jennifer Friedman
Shire of Rokeclif, Principality of Northshield, Middle Kingdom
1920 Victory St. #10, La Crosse, WI, 54601
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