minstrel: Some tunes I'm searching for

Przemys³aw Pi³aciñski dodiabla at draconia.it.pl
Tue Jun 27 14:33:04 PDT 2000

The holidays have started and I'm planning to do some serious
practicing, so if anybody could help me find notes / text for the
following titles (by mailing me them or www addresses, but not book
titles, as I'll have no opportunity to buy them anyway) , I'll be very

1. Merseburger Zauberspruch - music and text
2. Bacchus - music
3. Furatum alci Provinciam - music
4. Douce Dame Joliet - music and text
5. a piece in old French starting with "Ja nus hons pris ne dira sa
raison" - music and text (I have only about a half of the text)
6. Spielmannstanz - music

Przemek Pi³aciñski

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