minstrel: re: Maintaining a bardic circle over a move

Jennifer Friedman jfriedmn at pressenter.com
Sun Jun 25 16:16:12 PDT 2000

Depending on where you are moving, there may be local constraints on what
people will be available for, and what they will be willing to do or used
to doing.  For example, Rowen's idea of having them Friday nights may work
great for her area, but in the Northshield most groups are between 3 and 9
hours away from each other, so Friday night is usually driving time for the
event the next day.  (We drive a LOT in the Northshield.  Just because
something isn't local is no reason not to go.)  Regular Friday night bardic
circles would probably not work here.

Also, keep in mind that not all areas have the tradition of regular bardic
circles as a local activity separate from events.  Most bardic circles in
Northshield take place after or as part of an actual event, because hey,
that's when we're together.  I had not heard of the bardic circle as a
separate weekly meeting, until a bard from elsewhere moved into our
Principality and asked on the listserv where the nearest bardic circle was.
 To most of us, this was a nonsense question.  "Uh, I don't know, it moves
around depending on what events you feel like going to...!"

This is not to say that the locals wouldn't be willing to try it out.  I
think it would be fun.  Maybe it depends on the size of the local group.  I
tend to think it wouldn't work in my shire (about 9-12 members, though
there are three active bards).

who was up until 4 last night at a fabulous bardic circle after Northshield
Lady Eliane Halevy, mka Jennifer Friedman
Shire of Rokeclif, Principality of Northshield, Middle Kingdom
1920 Victory St. #10, La Crosse, WI, 54601
(608) 788-8781     jfriedmn at pressenter.com

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