minstrel: A submission

greg at etstravel.com greg at etstravel.com
Fri Jun 23 15:50:11 PDT 2000

My household recently suffered a loss and I wrote this to give some small comfort to myself and my loved ones.  I sent it around to my friends and family and was surprised by the response.  I felt that I might share it with you so you might find some comfort in it or pass it along to whomever could use it.

Gregor Arthusson

Do not worry if I do not answer you
For I hear the call of the Otherworld.

Do not grieve if I do not see you with my open eyes
For I see old friends and companions smiling across the Rainbow Bridge.

Cry not for me, for though my body sleeps in Mother Earth
My spirit is released to the eternal light of the summer sun.

Your journey continues and alone you may feel
But my footsteps are beside yours as I run ahead.

I have shared but a brief flicker of time with you
But love stays bright for eternity. 

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