minstrel: Maintaining a Bardic Circle over a move

Debra Grove Debra=Grove%SSD_FINAID%MSCD at Bansrvr3.mscd.edu
Fri Jun 23 09:00:42 PDT 2000


You may want to see if there's a group doing bardics regularly (or 
irregularly) in your new area, and try combining efforts.  Most folks enjoy 
having new participants (we certainly do.)  (And as Mistress Vivien has just 
now pointed out, this will avoid getting off on the wrong foot with local 
performers by inadvertantly stepping on toes, to mix a metaphor.)

As to days, we've had fairly good response with Fridays, especially if not 
before any major or local event.  (Although we've sometimes had good turn-out 
for a "we didn't get to go to Pennsic/Estrella/etc" bardic.)

good luck,

Rowen Brithwallt

"I do not resent growing older - many are not granted that privilege."

From: Solomon Matisoff <SolomonM at asta-engineering.com>, on 6/23/00 7:52 AM:
To: Incognito_SMTP at InfoTech@MSCD["Minstrel List (E-mail)" <minstrel at pbm.com>]

	I'm at the point of a dilemma.  I've hosted a circle for about 3
years now, and will be moving in a few months. 
 I'm trying to figure out if I should re-start one in a less familiar area,
and if so (I'd rather; hosting 'em is a lot of fun) how to get the ball
rolling again.  Any suggestions?
	And to those who run them, have you found that the first Monday
of the month (my current selection) is absolutely filled with holidays?
(grumble)  What days do you use, and do you have similar problems?


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