minstrel: Maintaining a Bardic Circle over a move

Patricia Yarrow yarrowp at mscd.edu
Fri Jun 23 08:22:10 PDT 2000


May I suggest that before starting a new circle, you check to see if there's 
already a circle in place?  We were rather disconcerted a few years back when 
someone moved into the area and posted a notice to our local newsletter that 
they were starting a new vocal music guild.  The folks in question hadn't 
been in touch with us at all.  Sort of a "What are we, chopped liver?" 
reaction was *not* enjoyed by all.

As to choosing the day, I've found mundane holidays to be less of a 
consideration than other guild meetings in the area.  We had a resounding 
drop in attendance when fighter practice was moved to our traditional meeting 
night, for example.  

Good luck with your move!


	I'm at the point of a dilemma.  I've hosted a circle for about 3
years now, and will be moving in a few months.  When I started the
circle, I had a number of friends who came for a while, including the
then current and a past king's bard, but they have moved onwards.  I'm
trying to figure out if I should re-start one in a less familiar area,
and if so (I'd rather; hosting 'em is a lot of fun) how to get the ball
rolling again.  Any suggestions?
	And to those who run them, have you found that the first Monday
of the month (my current selection) is absolutely filled with holidays?
(grumble)  What days do you use, and do you have similar problems?


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