minstrel: Opinions needed

Evelyn Alden calonkat at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 21 17:50:19 PDT 2000

Um, Tomes & Tunes carries a fair amount of early
 We carry London Pro Musica, Mel Bay (a fair amount of
early guitar and lute music), Dover and Hal Leonard. 
Music doesn't make the money that regular books make
(and every time I think that books make money, I talk
to 'Drx from Calontir Trim and learn the true meaning
of making money.)

Remaindered & out of print books are carried by G.F.
Armoury (and us, but he's got much better connections)

The more scholarly books will likely not be found at
Pennsic unless they were ordered for delivery at the
war, or are sold by someone who can sell them
year-round (not us yet.)  Pennsic is essentially a
week long festival, and you can't really order and
sell books as you would at a bookstore.  If nothing
else, think of the rain and the lack of walls and a
roof! (sorry, Lilies flashback)

For this war, you might wander around and talk to the
music and book merchants.  I know that we usually
aren't as closemouthed as other merchants (possibly
because most of our suppliers print their name and
address inside the cover :) )

salesclerk, Tomes & Tunes
hack dance musician

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