minstrel: organ historical question

hrjones at socrates.berkeley.edu hrjones at socrates.berkeley.edu
Sat Jun 17 13:24:14 PDT 2000

On Sat, 17 Jun 2000 raymond.wickham at customs.gov.au wrote:

> One of our gentles made a comment in passing which I would like to confirm
> He stated that the "emperor" of the early eastern church used to wow the
> "barbarians" by his elevated throne and Organ music
> I believed that the church organ was a 15th Cent or later phenomenon 
> Can anyone guide me please

Ancestral forms of the organ were in use in Rome in the classical period,
including some sort of hydraulic-based mechanism.  I believe that the
association of organs specifically with sacred music came much later, but
in the case you mention above, the association is more likely to be with
the emperor's secular power and wealth -- since my impression is that the
early organs were fairly massive, expensive items to maintain.


Heather Rose Jones         hrjones at socrates.berkeley.edu

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