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> Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 16:49:27 +1000
> Subject: minstrel: organ historical question
> Greetings
> One of our gentles made a comment in passing which I would like to confirm
> He stated that the "emperor" of the early eastern church used to wow the
> "barbarians" by his elevated throne and Organ music
> I believed that the church organ was a 15th Cent or later phenomenon
> Can anyone guide me please
> Damocles

The first known organ was a water-driven one from the 2nd century BC in
Alexandria. The first bellows-driven one we know of was Constantinople in the 2nd
cent. AD. (MS Musical Instruments)
The organ was in use occasionally in Western churches as early as the 6th cent. AD
(Grout, A History of Western Music).

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