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I am the Lady Simone Maurian UI'Dunlainghe information coordinator for the Ansteorran Bardic College. We are currently in the middle of remodeling our Bardic Resources  web site. And instead of just having a resource site for Ansteorra we chose to make it a resource site for all kingdoms. I am writing in the hopes that You may be able to assist us with getting the word out to the bards of your kingdom. and possibly with information. 

we are building the frame work on the new site for  several interkingdom areas to be available to the public. 

Area 1. an event calendar covering Bardic events and completions across the known world. along with the locations of regularly scheduled Bardic meetings

Area 2.  A Bardic Gallery divided into kingdom sections the front page being information on that kingdoms college with links to pages about the various bards in there kingdom. each bards page we would like to have an sca biography of there persona. photo of the bard if possible so other bards may recognize them. copies of there works to showcase and a copy of a consent to publish should they want there works included in an interkingdom Bardic book

Area 3. Kingdom Histories A section devoted to the histories of the kingdoms and groups thought the known world. histories of the various wars. these histories can be a valuable too for new up and coming bards to compose new pieces about our societies rich history. as well as preserve that history

Area 4. The Bardic hall a place for bards to post documentation, teaching material, and articles of interest to the Bardic arts.

This is a large scope project we have been working on for a while. we would like the preliminary information if possible and if you are willing to assist by September 15th so that your kingdom can be well represented on the new site when it goes public at the end of the year. Should your college wish to be represented on the site

In Loving service to the Bardic Community

Lady Simone Maurian Ui'Dunlainghe
Information Coordinator; Ansteorran College of Bards
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