minstrel: Off topic: dueling in Ohio?

Paula bookwyrm at ureach.com
Thu May 25 04:44:16 PDT 2000

this is off topic:
Is anyone on this list a member of a fighting list and and 
cross-post this for me?  
Believe it or not--the Ohio State Legislature has repealed the 
state dueling law (Senate Bill 107).  According to an article in 
"the Other Paper" (May 18-24, 2000 p. 6), "Republician state 
Sen. Bob Latts, say that the dueling law isn't needed because  
the  murder and attempted-murder laws cover the same ground."

Sen. Latts obviously hasn't heard about fighting to first 
blood--nor weapons hobbists.  Does this mean that SCA members in 
Ohio can compete with real weapons? Well, not an an SCA event, 
because of SCA rules, but I mean on their own?

Any fighters out there with thoughts on Bill 107?


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