minstrel: Re: A Grazing Mace (Was [SCA-West] Seeking...)

oceallachain at juno.com oceallachain at juno.com
Fri May 19 19:31:58 PDT 2000

> Sorry about the lateness,
>      I believe "A Grazing Mace" was one of Baron Hrolf's (of Ynas 
> Fawr,
> Lochac).  He has written many parodies and quite a few non-parodies 
> also.  I
> think there are four volumnes of his "We Wear Chain Mail Knickers"
> song-books now - but it may well be more.
> Martin Juggler

>it depends on the exact verse of A Grazing Mace that you're looking for.
>verse is labeled 'Anonymous' and the others have many different authors.
>I'll have to get back to you on who wrote them.....I have it written
down but 
>not at this location that i'm currently at.

Hmmm... I have Skald Brandr-Toralfsson listed as author of verses 1-5 of
the version I possess; here's the whole header:

A Grazing Mace
- Anonymous
Tune: "Amazing Grace"
verses 1-5 by Skald-Brandr Toralfsson
verse 6 is the original anonymous creation
verse 7 from the HOPSFA Hymnal 3rd Edition
verse 8 is anonymous
verses 9-10 from Steven of the Grove's Bard Book - Ansteorra

This from my printouts from the Black Book of Locksley & other works
collected and created by Ioseph (Joe Bethancourt). Whatever my feelings
about the private man, Ioseph as scholar knows his stuff...

Shade and sweet water,
Daithi O Ceallachain

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