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Christina van Tets cjvt at hotmail.com
Tue May 16 09:29:41 PDT 2000

Hello the list!

Tibicen wrote:

>No, that's just life.  Some fingerings must change over the three
>available octaves.  Overtones don't endlessly go in octaves, so I
>suppose it stands to reason.
Although in modern flute the fingerings change to keep the note more in tune 
with the rest of the instrument, otherwise they tend to spiral out of 
temperament.  But then that's because after the 8ve overblowing you start to 
play with overtones for getting fifths, and they're not always the same 
proportions between each other as straight notes in the lower registers.  Or 
so I understand.

>Also, wrt getting overblown notes, not only do fingering and tonguing
>matter, but embrochure.  On the fife, this can mean not only changing
>the shape of the mouth, but the angle (roll) of lips on the instrument.
Yes, I suppose I forgot about that - lipping around sort of becomes second 
nature.  Actually I found fife a heck of a lot easier once I learnt the 
'new' forward embouchure for the modern flute.  For some reason it's less 
strain on the mouth in fife too (tho' I can't say I've noticed that on 


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